Questions To Ask Before Posting On Social Media

So you’ve officially launched your business, yay! First let me say, that is AWESOME and no small feat. But now you’re four months in and you have 60 followers on Instagram, who are mainly just family and friends, and you’re asking yourself “WHY is my page not growing?!” Here’s the truth: social media for business is hard. It is not something you can just drum up and start posting and ta-dah, you have thousands of followers. It takes thoughtful planning and strategizing to create a plan that engages your audience and encourages growth. Below I have created a list of some questions to ask yourself about your business before you hit the post button another time.

What is my purpose on social media?

First things first, you need to figure out what your purpose is. Are you trying to sell products? Do you just want to grow your following? What is your business and how can you showcase what you offer to your audience? If you do not have a purpose, your entire social media presence will seem jumbled and your audience will have trouble understanding your business.

Who is my ideal audience?

Next, it is so important to know who exactly your audience is. Sure you might have small wings of people who don’t fit the mold, but a majority of people will fit into a specific group. Say you offer products for babies, your audience is focused towards new moms and moms-to-be. What are things that your audience likes and how can what you offer play into their likes? Remember, you need to draw their attention in, and this all starts with a hook.

What value am I adding to my audience?

People care about what you can do for them. That may sound harsh, but it’s true. Take some time to think about your business and what value it adds to your customers and your followers, and portray that through your social media. We spend a lot of time posting social media tips and tricks for businesses that may be struggling. This is adding value to their life and encourages them to follow The Social Palm Marketing.

How can I engage my audience?

If you are simply posting captions such as “Fun day in the office!” but not adding anything extra? This 1.) doesn’t add value to your audience and b.) does not offer anything for the audience to engage with. Try relating to the audience by asking them questions they are encouraged to answer after seeing your posts.

Do I have a call to action?

This goes hand-in-hand with engaging your audience. A huge purpose of social media for your business is to drive traffic back to your site and generate leads. Call to actions are crucial to encourage your audience to take the next step. Some examples: visit the link in bio, comment below, tag a friend. After all, did you end up here reading this post after we told you to read this article on our social media post?

So there you have it. Take some time to sit with these questions and really think them through. I promise once you find your purpose on social media you will begin to see your accounts begin to grow. A social media strategy is a work in progress but will lead your forward. Remember, forward is still a direction. 

Have any more questions? Shoot us an email at and we’d be happy to answer them! 

Stay Breezy!

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