How to Leverage Your Marketing Strategy During the COVID-19 Pandemic

We are living in an unprescidented time. We are now nearly 5 weeks (depending on where you live) into the social distancing and shelter-in-place orders across the United States due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The shut downs of business across the country have left many business owners in a panic and wondering, "where do we go from here?" While this situation has thrown nearly everone for a loop, there is an upside! Let me walk you through how to leverage your marketing strategy during the coronavirus outbreak to help keep your business rolling.

First, in a time like this many businesses and operations are ceasing due to the unknown nature of this pandemic. Get ahead of your competitors and keep pushing your marketing. If you have to change the message (more on that later), that's fine, but show up. It may seem easy right now to roll over and throw your hands up in frustration because your business isn't growing rapidly at this time but remember: patience is a virtue.

Next, it is important to consider where to spend the time with your marketing efforts. With more people than ever online right now due to stay at home orders, your consitency in keeping up with your social media and email campaigns will be seen (and recognized) by customers. Social media allows you instant connection with customers in real time. Whether it's hosting a Facebook live inviting individuals to learn more about your business and industry, or doing a Q&A on your Instagram stories, be present and add value to their day.

Now more than ever businesses have the unique opportunity to truly relate to their customers on issues we are all dealing with. Use this time to connect on a new level with your customers. Show them you are there for them and be a guiding light as they navigate through this tough time.

Finally, if you have a product or service that can truly help others in this time, let them know! Consumers are still spending during this time so whether your product or service is for other businesses or for individual customers, let them know how your business can help benefit them during this time.

The future is still foggy and that's scary for most of us, but if you put in the work now, you can begin to build relationships with potential customers and build your client base. Overall it is simple: Use the time now to connect and engage with your customers for a bigger payout down the line.

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